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Counter Measures, Inc. provides data collection services for all phases of urban transportation planning and traffic engineering. The firm was founded in 1986 in response to a perceived need for these services to be provided by a locally-owned base in the Rocky Mountain Region. The goal of the firm is to perform highly accurate data collection services for the transportation field at a reasonable cost.

The range of collection services offered by Counter Measures, Inc. includes
services to governmental agencies, private organizations, and individuals
in traffic engineering, traffic systems management, traffic signal systems,
transportation systems planning, transit planning and operations, parking,
planning and design.

Pertinent and accurate traffic data collection are key elements in virtually all of the firm's work efforts. For this reason, Counter Measures, Inc. employs two full-time technicians. In addition to being responsible for the set-up and operation of automatic traffic counters, the technicians super-vise the cadre of part-time data collection specialists who are utilized for turning movement counts and other labor-intensive collection efforts.


The primary strength of the firm lies in its technical staff's broad range of experience. We specialize in transportation and traffic data collection requiring a timely, personal response by an experienced individual. Counter Measures, Inc. takes pride in being able to offer the sensitivity, flexibility, and innovative ability that small firms characteristically provide best.

















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